Dressmaking is Getting There! & Knitting In Public

I am finally feeling like I am making actual progress on the dress I am making because I have almost finished the bodice! Class was a bit boring this week as I had to unpick what I had sewn at home. It was okay; I’d realised as soon as I finished sewing that I’d goneContinue reading “Dressmaking is Getting There! & Knitting In Public”

Knit in Public Day 2021, Unpicking and A Little Homebrewing!

Today, Saturday 12th of June was a special day for us knitters: Knit in Public Day! I marked the occasion by knitting in public, of course! I didn’t have anywhere in particular to be, so I chose to walk to my local nature reserve where I could pick some elderflowers and knit there. It wasContinue reading “Knit in Public Day 2021, Unpicking and A Little Homebrewing!”