Crochet Progress Update, Ordered More Yarn, Cross Stitch Update

Hi all, sorry it’s been a while! I started a new job a few weeks ago so most of my time and headspace has been spent on that, but I’ve been itching to get back on here! Here is how my Hobbii crochet shawl is going: I probably would have finished it by now butContinue reading “Crochet Progress Update, Ordered More Yarn, Cross Stitch Update”

Crochet Progress and Watercolour Update!

I think it’s about time I show you how my pompom shawl is coming along! As I mentioned in my last post, I was having some issues with the pattern. I emailed Hobbii and they replied pretty quickly. They were very polite and understanding. I basically hadn’t picked up on the fact that for someContinue reading “Crochet Progress and Watercolour Update!”

Knitting Haul and Crochet Progress

Following on from my last post, I have finally received my gorgeous circular wooden extra large knitting needles after what felt like forever! But was only a few days. “Needles”s to say, I am delighted. They are made of maple wood and brass! Check them out in my video below: I have begun my shawlContinue reading “Knitting Haul and Crochet Progress”

She is purling again! WIP and plans…

I’ve started knitting Christmas presents. I know it’s early but I am a verrrry slow worker! I’m also really excited because I’ve gone on a massive knitting/crochet shopping spree. Here is a photo of what I got off eBay for a fiver, plus my current knitting project (Mr. Happy kit from a knitting mag): It’sContinue reading “She is purling again! WIP and plans…”

Granny Square Crochet Cardigan

Here is something I made for myself as a Christmas present last year in the months running up to the day. It’s made up of granny squares and I absolutely love it. I was inspired after I saw something similar on the Joe Browns online shop and thought “I could make that”. I only learnedContinue reading “Granny Square Crochet Cardigan”

Found a free, easy humpback whale Amigurumi pattern

For the discerning stitcher who is still fairly new (like me) to Amigurumi crochet, doesn’t want to invest too much money in the hobby yet, but still wants to make something that looks awesome, I highly recommend this pattern by 1dogwoof. I completed this just before Christmas to give as a present. The pattern isContinue reading “Found a free, easy humpback whale Amigurumi pattern”