Socks and Needle Pouch Progress

Happy February everyone, i hope it starts getting warmer and sunnier soon because here in the UK it is still freezing and miserable!

I am happy to say I have nearly finished knitting my first-ever sock made by me! Just got the toe to do on this which I am hoping to complete tonight, and I am aiming to have the pair completed by the end of February!

I found out that I really love the feel of sliding the yarn from the needle to the cable. I made a little video to illustrate:

I have also got back on the sewing machine and stitched the pockets for my knitting needle pouch:

It does feel good to be on the sewing machine. It’s therapeutic in a different way to knitting because you’re using more of your body to focus and create something pretty! I really hope I get the hang of the spinning wheel one day.

I did say in my last post that I would start showing my progress on my Noro yarn KAL. Here is square 2. It’s got that lovely soft pink Malabrigo yarn on the bottom. It’s far from perfect and yes I will be blocking each square! I’ll have to write about that in a future post as that will be another first for me. Never blocked before!

Well, that’s all from me for now. Thank you for reading and wishing you a lovely February of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils 🙂


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Writer. Occasional performer, stitcher. One book published so far, my collection of poems 'Saved by Porpoise' available on Kindle. Featured in the anthology 'Around The Mulberry Tree'

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