I Finished My Dress! FFO Alert

Woohoo! Dress is DONE!

I thought the last few bits of the instructions would be quick and easy but nope!

I had to unpick the stitching attaching the skirt to the midriff because the lining had to be loose to sew it inside out to the zip. That unpicking took me TWO HOURS.

I had to overlock the centre seams which was scary as I’d never used an overlocker before and hadn’t realised it actually slices the edge of the fabric off as it sews. And the invisible zip was such a nightmare. I had to unpick and resew a lot of it. It probably didn’t help that I didn’t have the official Janome zipper foot. I’d quickly bought a cheap one online.

I’m surprised how many people told me it was easy to sew an invisible zip. You have to sew right next to the coils. If your thread goes on the coils, your zip will not move in that area, so you have to unpick it and sew that bit again. And unpicking invisible zips is hard because the threads are so tight. I’m sure it’ll get easier with more practice though!

I loved the last bit though, hand slip stitching the last bit of the lining to the fabric. I love hand sewing and this was really relaxing. I had the telly on while I did it.

And here’s the dress!

The pattern Is NEWLOOK 6447 style C

The fabric was produced by http://3wishesfabric.com

The artwork of the print was done by Richard Keeling and it’s called ‘At the Shore’.

If you’re like me 2 weeks ago and wondering what the heck a slip stitch is when it comes to sewing, check out this quick and brilliant video from Monkeysee showing you how to do it!

Hope you liked my dress and hope you’re having a go at dressmaking too!


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