Firey Dressmaking and Cross Stitch Update

I’m getting good at this regular posting thing!

I had A LOT to do on my dressmaking this week. When I’m taking a sewing class, I always think I’m going to get much further along than I actually do. It is much harder than it looks! Sewing and anything practical does not come naturally to me. Everyone on these classes are a lot faster than me and it is hard not to get frustrated but this is something I have learned to accept. You are not in competition with others, just the person you were yesterday. How you learn and how fast you learn is unique to each person, so keep your eye on the prize and don’t rush!

With that being said, I think I trumped myself on dressmaking fails this week! I nearly caused a fire! I had to use interfacing for the first time, for my bodice. And I had no idea how. I have rarely used an iron in my life and I was surprised at how little of a clue I had! I basically created a scorch mark on the protective fabric (not my garment, the fabric that goes between the iron and interfacing fabric). I also managed to screw up a second time by putting the interfacing down the wrong way so I nearly permanently glued it to the teacher’s iron! I just wasn’t getting it.

Dress patterns tell you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for interfacing but it usually just comes off the bolt, so there aren’t any!

Luckily I got the hang of it in the end. I’ve found out I actually enjoy ironing. I find it therapeutic, getting creases out and making the fabric nice and warm and smelling those fresh linen scents that get released. I just need to learn what all those buttons are for and what those symbols mean!

Then it was time to carry on at home. I had to begin the process of attaching the lining to the bodice.

I had to tuck the sleeves in, hence the parallel pins. I spent ages Googling why I had to tuck the sleeves in and I still don’t fully understand it but anyway, I got that bit done!

Then I had to press the seams.

More ironing! The thing no one tells you before you start learning to sew is how much ironing is involved. It’s a lot!

And then, I had to try to understitch the neck seam, 2mm from the needle! Surprisingly, I found this bit quite easy and enjoyable.

Phew! That’s me done for another week. No class next week due to half-term but I will do some more at home. Next for the bodice is sewing up the armholes.

That just leaves the cross stitch part of my post! It’s been a while since I updated, but I’m pleased to have pretty much finished a page and am well into the next one on Butterfly Kisses by Charlotte Bird (HAED). I’ve found this a relaxing interlude between the manic dressmaking!

Sorry about the aliasing on the photo, it’s hard to get the light right to take photos of it sometimes!

I have also been stitching on The Shepherdess and cannot wait to show you when I have finished the page I’m on!

I have been doing a bit of watercolour (Check it out on Instagram) but not as much as I would like. Hoping to fix that soon!

Thank you for reading this all! What have you been working on this week?


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