Long-overdue Update and New Course Start!

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update! I’m doing more shifts at work now so I’m still adjusting to that!

I haven’t done much knitting but still cross-stitching every day. Only getting about 80-100 stitches in but it’s something. I’ve had quite an exciting development on my “The Shepherdess” HAED. I am finally seeing some variation from the pinks, beiges and light blue!

Right there at the bottom, I am moving from the sky to the trees! And yes, I cheated a bit by going down more on the right than the left, but it’s all getting filled in slowly.

I have managed to squeeze in some spinning practice on my drop spindle. It’s not much but I do feel like I am starting to get the hang of it now. I really love the feel of the wool and the twisting/pulling movement. It’s quite soothing. And the good thing about drop spindles is they are portable. At least in comparison to spinning wheels!

And the big news this update is that I have started a dressmaking course! I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I did textiles technology at school where I made a skirt, a throw and a cushion. More recently I did some patchwork, so I do kind of know my way around a sewing machine, but I haven’t got a clue when it comes to measuring and patterns, or at least I didn’t before yesterday…because I went to my first class! We all measured each other. Even having those detailed dress measurements for myself is almost worth the course fee because I can use that knowledge for the future, whenever I want to make a tailored outfit for myself.

I’m not conventionally shaped so most clothes I buy in the shops or online don’t quite fit perfectly, and cling or drape in the wrong places.

I quickly made a pincushion in the run-up to my first class by handsewing two pieces of fabric together and stuffing them. The housebound forest creature provided some light entertainment while I worked.

This was my table during class yesterday, with my finished pincushion. I started cutting out the pattern, as you can see! I have set myself quite a task because I have chosen fabric with a one-way pattern, and the fabric is cut narrow, so I have to be very careful with which way I cut the fabric out. Thankfully the teacher is really lovely and she is helping me through it all.

Rest assured I will show the finished dress when it’s eventually finished, though that won’t be for another 10 weeks at least!

Hope everyone’s having a good time with their crafts and a stitchy Spring! And please feel free to ask if there is anything stitchy-related that I might be able to help with 🙂


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Writer. Occasional performer, stitcher. One book published so far, my collection of poems 'Saved by Porpoise' available on Kindle. Featured in the anthology 'Around The Mulberry Tree'

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