Crochet & Knitting Update, and National Trust Visit!

Hello all, sorry again for the length of time since the last update. My new job has been quite full-on but I hope to update this more often from now on!

My crocheted shawl isn’t finished but I have been working on it regularly. I am halfway through the last set of rounds, so just got those and the pompoms to do and then I will proudly post the result!

It’s taken me forever but I have finally made a start on the knitted Zandra Rhodes socks!

Okay, it’s not much of a start! But that took me a lot of work. I had to unravel and cast on 4 times because I kept messing up. It sometimes takes me a while to get to grips with the language of a pattern. I’m really glad I’ve made a start on it anyway and I am really loving this yarn.

I also wanted to share a short visit I made today to the National Trust’s Stourhead in the South West of England. It’s a large and very fine Georgian gentleman’s country estate and it is just breathtaking, with a lake, palladian bridge, several little follies, an arboretum with rare trees and a church with beautiful cottages dotted around. It has a really stunning courtyard with shops and a pub that I swear has been in one of my dreams before. It is an especially beautiful place in the autumn but I really hope I can go back in the Spring to see the manor and make more of a day of it! It’s like a slice of heaven.

By the way, those weird white things on the lake are paper boats, as part of an interesting art installation they currently have at the site. Isn’t it a lovely place? I found a lot of watercolour inspiration there too!

As for cross stitch, I am still plugging away at that. I’ve almost finished both page 9s of my large pieces. I haven’t worked on the mini since I made that YouTube video but I hope to rectify that soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I won’t leave it so long next time!


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