Watercolour Progress

A while back, I posted about a picture I was doing in watercolour. Here is the finished product:

So, as you can see, it’s got a lot of flaws. Not much control of the watercolour, proportions aren’t perfect etc etc etc. However, I’m quite pleased with it because the image I used (one of my own) has so much detail in it. It was my biggest challenge so far. It actually took me months to get the motivation to finish it and it was the last watercolour I did after finishing the course I took and before starting my recent round of Domestika courses.

Just wanted to update with this finish as I posted the first strokes back in March! Right now, I am working on a portrait using the skills I’ve recently picked up, and I’m loving it.


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2 thoughts on “Watercolour Progress

  1. Hi Alice,
    I didn’t notice any of the flaws you mentioned. I think it’s beautiful! My mother was an artist, and so is my cousin, and they both specialized in watercolor (my cousin still does). I don’t myself; pastel is my first love. But I know that watercolor is especially difficult because it’s hard to control. Water, by definition, is hard to control, because it has no boundaries unless you make some for it, but that’s hard to do. So just keep on practicing. I think you’re doing wonderfully!


    1. Thank you so much Sarah! It means a lot coming from you, especially if your mother and cousin are watercolourists.
      That’s one of the reasons I love watercolour; the fact that it is so hard to control. I love its unpredictability and how sometimes the mistakes can enhance a picture. I like being surprised by my own work and would never want to “master” watercolour. But I hope I do improve a little, hehe! X


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