Shepherdess Update and a Watercolour!

Hi all, thought I’d update you on my second Heaven and Earth Designs cross stitch, which is of The Shepherdess by Johann Baptist Hofner.

This one is very slowgoing for me because it is my second HAED and my first one, Butterfly Kisses, takes priority. Many stitchers have what is called in the stitching community a “rotation” where they will work on one project for so many weeks, and then switch to another for so many weeks.

I, however, am nowhere near that organised! Therefore, I stitch on both, daily, or at least, I aim to. I go for 70% of my daily cross-stitch time on Butterfly Kisses, and 30% on Shepherdess. Sometimes the Shepherdess doesn’t get any time at all in a day, because I give myself specific goals on Butterfly Kisses. But I really love Shepherdess and am looking forward to devoting more time to her in the future.

That’s just over half of the first page done!

Another activity I love doing but don’t do nearly enough is watercolour painting. This one is taking me ages because I can’t seem to get off my backside and get my paints out. It’s also my biggest challenge so far. It’s not perfect but I am definitely enjoying it!

Does anyone else need someone to kick them up the backside and make them sit in a room for 8 hours and craft? Or is it just me?!


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