Cross Stitch WIP Update

Hi all, happy March! Thought I’d post an update of my HAED WIP, Butterfly Kisses by Charlotte Bird.

I’ve almost finished the 4th page!

This was my first ever full coverage cross stitch, and also my first time doing 1×1 full cross on 28 count, so I am very proud of my progress so far. I began it on the 17th of August 2020.

I am so happy we are now in March. I have also been offered the vaccine against COVID-19, which I am due to have this Saturday, so I am also happy about that. Spring is here, everyone!

I will leave you with an excerpt dated 6th of March from Edith Holden’s “Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady” which I love to dip in and out of:

“Tonight a Toad was discovered jumping about in the hall; it must have come in through the garden door which has been standing open all day. Another day of bright sunshine. The leaf-buds in the hedges have been making wonderful progress these last three days of sunshine and the Elm blossom has opened out wide, showing all its little anthers and filaments. In the morning I visited the field where the daffodils grow; the buds are all standing up above the grass, standing up straight like little green lance-heads among their spears of blue green leaves.”


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