East Asian Inspirations

I love East Asian culture and aesthetics, especially Japanese, but for home decor, I have a soft spot for the “blue willow” look. My current bedspread is a Chinoiserie design from Kaleidoscope, I have a blue willow serving tray and I hope to collect much more over the years for my kitchen/dining area!

I’m feeling particularly inspired today because a tree outside my flat has just blossomed and I wanted to show my smaller cross stitch WIP, “East Asian Inspirations” by the very talented Lucie Heaton, which I bought from my go-to UK needlework supplier Lakeside Needlecrafts. I began it last Spring and hope to finish it by the end of this Spring.

Please excuse the lighting, I took this pic at nighttime but the Aida is white, I promise!

Here are the blossoms outside my flat:

And here is a snap from my Spring 2016 trip to Japan! I took this at the Asakusa temple in Tokyo.

As I am feeling extra inspired today, I put some Bonsai cherry blossom seeds in my fridge this morning. I am going to keep them in for 10 weeks as per instructions, then sow them and hopefully I’ll have my very own piece of Japan growing in my home one day!

 新年快乐 / 新年快樂

Happy Chinese New Year!


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