HAED WIP & Something Different – Gardening!

This blog is mainly about my stitching but with this post, I wanted to talk about another relaxing hobby of mine – gardening!

I don’t have a garden as I live in a flat. Last June I was lucky enough to be offered my very own allotment . It’s been slow-going as I am still somewhat new to gardening and haven’t taken lessons or a college course. I decided to take it slow, plant what I felt like planting. I didn’t go hardcore into building structures or looking up how people arrange theirs. I ended up with a good crop; lots of courgettes, flowers, some cabbage, lettuce, lots of beetroot and loads of delicious apples from the well-established trees on my plot.

Most of my veg came from plants I’d bought as I got my allotment late in the gardening year. So this year I want to see if I can grow most of my veg from seeds as it’s more economical and more fun. Last Autumn I visited a friend’s allotment. Some of her onion plants had gone to seed and she let me pick one. It had hundreds of seeds on it and I hoped I could grow onions from it.

A few weeks ago, a little early in the sowing schedule, I potted up a tray of mini plant containers and filled each with 3 onion seeds. It looked like they weren’t doing anything and I’d been a bit premature, until a few days ago!

It’s amazing how excited I am about a few little shoots! Here are some pictures of my allotment and its produce:

And…here is an update on my HAED cross stitch WIP of Butterfly Kisses by Charlotte Bird:

Happy gardening and stitching everyone!


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Writer. Occasional performer, stitcher. One book published so far, my collection of poems 'Saved by Porpoise' available on Kindle. Featured in the anthology 'Around The Mulberry Tree'

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