Found a free, easy humpback whale Amigurumi pattern

For the discerning stitcher who is still fairly new (like me) to Amigurumi crochet, doesn’t want to invest too much money in the hobby yet, but still wants to make something that looks awesome, I highly recommend this pattern by 1dogwoof.

I completed this just before Christmas to give as a present. The pattern is very simple, mainly flat stitching instead of in the round like most Amigurumis require. The yarn I made it with was acrylic, which I very rarely use but had some left over. The 2 colours I used were Fairytale Fab Pale Blue and Sky Blue by Patons, in Aran, and I used up just over 50g per colour, so you need 2 balls of 50g, or 1 ball of 100g for each colour.

The two sides that make up the body of the whale are quite big with many repetitive rows, so I found it quite easy to relax into the stitching while watching telly.

The post containing the pattern is quite long with lots of explanation for beginners and people interested in how the pattern was developed, but the pattern itself is all there at the bottom. There are also helpful short videos there that show you how to make it up.

Hope you enjoy making your humpback whale!


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